We work for you

Our goal is to enable everyone to apply their skills in the global financial markets and become a professional trader.

For this reason we provide our traders with:

• A transparent recruitment program
• A secure environment to upgrade your trading
• The ability to develop or test your trading system without risk of losing your own capital
• The LMI Trade Report to visualize your statistics and elaborate on it
• Free access to the VolFix platform
• Support team, which is always ready to help you

Our program rules are designed in such a way that you can elaborate on your trading skills on your own:

• You will understand how financial markets work
• You will see how the market sentiment is changing during the trading day
• You will minimize your losses while learning the risk management
• You will improve your trading discipline
• You will be psychologically ready to manage a financially Live account

For Beginners

Get the skills you need to successfully manage a live account. The experience you get when you complete our program is truly vital for your future trading career.

For Professional traders

You can demonstrate your trading skills with us. Prove you can manage risk and be profitable. Get your Live account in 2 simple steps.